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George Takei,

You rule. 

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I legit saw an old woman (I’m talking 70s here) pick up the Game Of Thrones box set and turned to her friend and asked ‘is this a period drama, like that one on TV, is it Downton Abbey?’ and her friend was like ‘Oh looks good, it’ll give us something new to watch.’ And in went the Game Of Thrones into her shopping cart.

I hope they enjoy it.

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so you don't believe in tagging your posts to help prevent triggers?


You literally didn’t read what I said, did you? I am all for tagging posts appropriately, anything from depression to epilepsy to bullying to periods to cancer to fucking I don’t know what else, but to whine at someone who already tags their posts is annoying and nit picking. I will repeat what I said, I tag my period posts as ‘period’ so you can blacklist/not read it, for someone to then complain that it triggers them and to not post stuff like that is fucking stupid and whiny. If you see someone who tags their posts consistently with the same tags then blacklist it, don’t message them and be like ‘I don’t like that, blood triggers me.’

By all means message people politely who don’t tag, just to give them a heads up, but don’t do it to people who already tag appropriately.

I respect your opinion on the matters of "triggers" but it doesn't take long to tag them, periods can be triggers because of the blood.


Ugh, I knew this would happen.

Of course it doesn’t take long, but I tag those posts as ‘periods/period’ and half them are read mores this is why it pissed me off, like they were actually telling me to stop posting about periods, on MY BLOG. I could tag them as blood but then someone else would tell me to tag it as ‘gore’, then the next person would want it as ‘tw: gore/blood/period/whatever’, I don’t pussy foot around people, periods are facts of life for most women, if people don’t like that I talk a lot about my periods in detail then I’d just unfollow me, I’m not going to sit and worry about what to tag it as in case someone has tagged their trigger warning differently from others. It’s actually very, very, very difficult to please EVERYONE because someone will complain.


not to be confused with “triggas”

Some people go way over the top with their triggers, which means they only ruin it for those who have serious triggers instead. I had someone whine at me for my period posts claiming I went into too much detail causing them to trigger feeling ill, erm, no, I already tag it as ‘period’, my period makes ME ill. It’s a huge part of my life and I don’t give two shits if it makes YOU ill to read it. I would never complain about people’s triggers because what sets you off is something that cannot be helped, but that ass hole who message me about periods just ruined it completely, like I said they spoil it for the rest giving them bad names.


you did not run and you looked plenty guilty

Day 12 - A Film You Wish More People Had Seen

This is kind of like the under-rated film list I did yesterday, most of the films on that list most people didn’t see, so basically the films I mentioned yesterday.

#peace and #love

#peace and #love